1C Small Business

1C:Drive — is an application built on the 1C:Enterprise business platform, than automates the daily activities of nay small company’s workflow, so partners can leverage the capability and bring products to market more quickly.

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1С:Small Business is a business software solution with the English interface designed to automate business processes and workflow, including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production, customer service and project management at any small company.

This new highly versatile 1C software is free of redundant functionality and is easily customized to match your company’s accounting and management practices. It offers a user-friendly interface and «quick-start» capability. 1С:Small Business increases company efficiency with a wide range of management tools designed for decision makers as well as facilitate routine operations.

1C Small Business

1C:Drive eliminates the need to store dozens of spreadsheets, documents, and reports. All data is recorded and stored in a single database.

With 1C:Drive you can keep track of all inventory transactions and other events, both scheduled and completed: obligations to customers, customer orders, order statuses, employee tasks, planned resource allocation, job sheets, and production and sales quotas.

Key features:

  • customer data,
  • banking and cash operations, online banking, and payment schedules,
  • settlements with counterparties and payments to employees,
  • material, inventory, and product accounting,
  • customer orders and job orders,
  • work and service planning and accounting,
  • production activity planning and accounting,
  • production load planning,
  • commercial operations (such as retail sales),
  • human resources and payroll management,
  • cost and management accounting,
  • assets and capital,
  • profits and losses,
  • financial planning (budgeting),
  • and more.

The application includes forms for entering almost any standard document for trade, inventory, or production accounting, or for cash flow.

A wide variety of reports quickly provides business owners, managers, and employees with all the data they need in an easily readable format and with a customizable level of detail.

1C:Drive is not intended for payment and taxes accounting, for which 1 C:Accounting Suite should be used instead.

The application is capable of providing service to multiple companies or individuals operating in a single area of business. Should the business’s scale or structure, management processes, or company workflow change, the application can be reconfigured quickly and inexpensively to reflect these changes.

1C:Drive is recommended for companies with up to 10 workstations. 1C:Drive offers noticeable benefit to your company within just days to weeks of being implemented.

1C:Drive is a complete solution with «quick-start» capability. And should your company’s scale or structure, management processes, or company workflow change, the application can be reconfigured quickly and inexpensively to reflect these changes.
No more clutter from having to store dozens of spreadsheets, documents, and reports.

All your data is now registered and stored in a single database. All your customers, prices, discounts, orders, agreements, and contracts are recorded for easy access and reference.

  • One-click access to the data you need to make decisions.
  • Everything at your fingertips and under control.
  • Quick recording of your company’s production plans, shipments and deliveries, resource allocations, worksheets, and job orders streamlines how all activities are monitored and supervised.
  • Flexible planning.

1C:Drive has it all: budget planning, HR planning, resource allocation, sales forecasts, and much more to help your business thrive.
Increased employee and management efficiency.

The automation of routine tasks and quick access to the data that employees need save precious time. The ergonomic, user-friendly interface offers an easy learning curve for beginners and increased work efficiency for more experienced users.
You’ve already got all you need to know.

You don’t need to be a specialist in payment and taxes accounting to use our solution. The application is free of redundant functionality and offers only the essentials you need to run your small business.
Worldwide access.

Wherever you are, you’ll have complete online access to all your enterprise data.

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