1C:Enterprise bests software catalogue (for more software in English please contact us)

1C:Enterprise is a universal cloud and on-premise system of programs for automating a company’s financial and wider operational activities. 1C:Enterprise has the breadth of capability to address the diverse needs of today’s business. This is achieved through "configurability" – the ability to customize the system based on the specific needs of companies and their business processes.
The primary function of 1C:Document Management is to simultaneously reduce clutter while increasing data and process visibility and accessibility, ultimately saving time and significantly lowering costs. 1C:Document Management is a document and business process management software that puts your business in complete order.
This new highly versatile 1C software is free of redundant functionality and is easily customized to match your company’s accounting and management practices. It offers a user-friendly interface and «quick-start» capability. 1С:Drive increases company efficiency with a wide range of management tools designed for decision makers as well as facilitate routine operations.